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All of our prices are indexed based on regional fuel rates and route (which will include tolls or others necessary costs). Price variances are based on freight industry capacity and all logistics have price variances, we use common rates with the best carriers. We always practice transparency with pricing, to build good rapport with potential and existing clients.  If you know what you are paying for, it makes it that much easier to decide which is best and practical within industry.  We do not pad prices, we give the exact rate index, and we give the exact accessorial charges along with the surcharge for those lanes for that regions freight for transport services. The broker-agency fee  is a flat rate per shipment, which the carrier pays.  Other brokers or logistic groups include mark-ups and margins in their prices.  We do not margin  over-head expenses and will only charge a flat fee for services/costs; which includes liability for logistics of that load. 
 Please download the attached document and fax for Bids, Lane Rates and Originating PRO's for shipment of orders.
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